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COVID-19 Announcement

While we are only a small Canadian company, our hearts are large and go out to the many who have been affected by COVID-19, and of course we are also deeply concerned about the health and well-being of our beloved furry friends. 

We know that many of you already depend on our reliable service so, if you are an existing customer, please be assured that COVID-19 will not interrupt your usual home delivery.  At the same time, to new folks who do not want to chance retail shopping, but still want a premium Canadian-made pet food, please have a look at our Pet food and Treat options here in our online store.

In keeping with our absolute commitment to the safety of both people and pets, and given the simplicity of our quick and easy payment system, interaction with Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery Halifax will certainly conform to social distancing, or can be avoided entirely with our "drop & go" service - we will place your pet food bag wherever you like, and text or email its arrival.

We value and appreciate our customers, and we want you and everyone else to know that our pet food manufacturer holds the highest accreditation for safety in the pet food industry.  However, these are not ordinary times, so more oversight and safety measures are now being implemented, to ensure staff, franchisees, customers, and pets remain healthy.

While we are following government safety guidelines, for greater certainty you may also want to wipe down your pet food bags with sanitizer when you bring them inside your home.

Please remember, if you are not yet a customer but want help securing pet food, please don't hesitate to contact us.  And to our existing customers, thank you for your loyal patronage and tell your pet "dinner will be home soon!"   

In closing, we hope you and your loved ones are not affected by COVID-19, and we want to thank all of the front-line workers who are assisting those who have been.  Together we can overcome any and every challenge. 


Warm regards,

Homeward Bound Pet Food Delivery Hailfax